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◾ Review any questions you may have.
◾ Review the consent form or acknowledge it has been read and understood.
◾ Go over any assessment forms you may have filled out.
◾ The session may initially be 30 minutes, up to 45 - 60 min.
◾ Go through an assessment and treatment plan
◾ Determine follow-up appointments as needed.

A comprehensive assessment will be performed:


 The history and behavior of your problem.

‣ Previous problems, treatment or tests to date.

‣ If you are new to this Clinic, or the problem is new, you can fill out this form to save time.

- It works best to download the file.

- Use Adobe Reader to fill in the highlighted sections.

- Go to the Comments tool to use the Drawing tool to fill in the body diagram or pain scale as needed.

- Do not Lock the file until you have completed the form.

- When ready, Lock the file, Save it, then email it back to us.

Physical exam:

 You will be asked to do some movements/tests to further assess the problem.

‣ We will test range of motion and estimate strength.
‣ Depending on the location of the injury, you may be asked to perform some special or specific tests.
‣ Some tests may require someone else to assist.

Other Details:

‣ We will determine any need for other information, imaging, medical intervention.


 We will be determined as best as possible the nature and cause of your problem.

‣ In most cases, we will be able to determine the cause and type of problem you have. However, not being able to physically test the injury may limit a diagnosis.
‣ Often, a lot can be determined by how the problem reacts to the exercises and treatment given. Therefore, it is important to monitor them for positive as well as negative changes in your condition. 

A treatment plan will be set up:

Education: may include anatomy, mechanics, care, precautions; possible pain management strategies.

Exercises: may include stretches, strengthening, posture, stability, retraining or more as required.

Plan / Progressions: the plan will also include progressions, pacing self, and a graduated plan to return to work, sport, hobbies and physical activities.

At the end of the session:
◾ We will re-evaluate appropriateness of Virtual Therapy.
◾ We will determine when to book follow-up appointments.
◾ We will set up next visit to review what is working/not working and re-evaluate as necessary.
◾ We recommend you follow your Home Program as best as possible.
◾ We recommend you keep track of what is working and what may not be helping. Sometimes very small modifications are needed to get the most benefit out of the exercise or activity you are doing.
◾ Please contact us if you have any problem: phone, email, or text!


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