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Once it is determined that Virtual Care is suited to your problem:

  • We will gather pertinent information from you.

  • If you are new to this Clinic - information on type of insurance, name, address, doctor etc... is required.

  • You may be required to fill out questionnaires on the history of your problem or outcome measures.

  • We will provide you with information on Virtual Care (click here).

  • We will provide details on Privacy and Virtual Care with a Consent Form to proceed with the visit (click here).

  • You will review of Privacy and Consent information.

  • We will help you get set up and make sure everything is working correctly for a Virtual link.

  • We will set up an appointment date and time.

Once an appointment is made, a link will be sent through email or text closer to your appointment.

  • This will be to confirm your scheduled appointment.

  • This will provide you with the link and code to connect with your healthcare provider.

  • At the appropriate time, simply click the link and follow the instructions to begin your virtual appointment!

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