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  • A desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet access, a front-facing camera, and a microphone. A laptop or tablet works best because they are more mobile and they can be propped up for best viewing options.

  • In most cases an app is not required as the platform is accessed on an internet browser.  We will let you know if this will be necessary beforehand or the link will ask you to install an app.

  • Similar to in-person visits, please connect to your appointment 10 minutes prior.

  • Have your driver’s license and personal health care card ready to confirm identity.

  • A credit card will be required for paid visits.

  • Have your telephone or cellphone ready in case we lose connection.  We will call you to help you work through any technical issues.

  • In some cases, it can be very helpful to have a family member to assist you with the technical issues and/or with the actual assessment. It is not always possible to get the video camera in the proper location for some physical tests.

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