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  • I have always admired and been amazed by people that could make the lives of others better. I saw this with teachers I had in school and therefore I initially became a teacher to help children excel and get the most they could out of school.

  • I also wanted to help or "heal" people with my hands but did not know how to go about this until I encountered a few physiotherapists that provided that kind of therapy. This directed me into completing my degree in physiotherapy which now allows me to pursue all these goals.

  • I enjoy learning and the challenge of providing the best therapy possible. I am always striving to improve my skill and knowledge with evidence-based physiotherapy. I also feel there is an art to being a good therapist because everyone has different social, cultural and biological needs or expectations. These need to be integrated with the physical problem they are dealing with and the therapist has to be able to adapt to each situation.

  • Along with being able to help people get better and have them reach their maximum potential, I like to see them be able to help themselves become independent in managing their condition.

  • I grew up in the Cowichan Valley and have been working here as a physiotherapist since 1993. Personally, I enjoy running, hiking, biking and healthy living. Last but not least, my family is very important to me.


  • Bachelor of Education degree in Physical Education and Social Studies

      University of Victoria, Victoria, BC

      May 1980

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy

      Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

      May 1985

Work Experience

  • Staff Physiotherapist

      Gorge Road Hospital, Victoria, BC

      July 1985 to April 1990
       (in- and out-patient Orthopedics; pool therapy and back education programs)

  • Staff Physiotherapist

      Fairfield Health Centre, Victoria, BC

      May 1990 to July 1992

       (out patient Orthopedics; back education program)

  • Community Rehabilitation

      Fit To Work Rehabilitation Program, Duncan, BC

      Feb. 1993 to July 1994

       (work rehabilitation and conditioning at local gym and pool)

  • Private Practice

      Go West Physiotherapy Clinic, Duncan, BC

      Jan. 1993 to present

       (full time self-employed physiotherapist)

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