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Optimize your internet connection before your session:

  • Be close to your Wi-Fi source, or for the best connection, hardwire your computer/device directly to the internet (Ethernet) with a cable.

  • In some cases to minimize potential problems, it is best to:

 restart your modem/router
 restart your computer/labtop/phone
 clear your browser and close any additional programs or applications

  • In most cases the on-board microphone and speakers will work well enough; however, an external microphone/earphone/headset device can increase quality (this can optimize sound and minimize any echoing issues).

Pay attention to your appearance, your background and where you are positioned:

  • Don’t forget to dress appropriately so that the health care provider can see the part of your body that is being assessed or treated (e.g. wear shorts if we need to assess your knee).

  • Choose a background that does not have a source of light (i.e. open windows or bright light should not be in the background).

  • Conversely a light source directed at you from the front is ideal.  

  • Clean simple backgrounds are also ideal.

  • Find a location that has space for you to move and/or lie down if needed.

  • Make sure your camera is at eye level. You may have to prop your phone or tablet against some books, a larger object or use a proper stand to achieve this.

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