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Making an Appointment

Please consider the following before making a direct care appointment or determining to continue with your visit:

‣ We are a small clinic with a staff of 1 physiotherapist and 1 office admin.
‣ We treat one person at a time.
‣ We will minimize person-to-person contact by continuing 1-on-1 treatments and spacing sessions out to avoid overlap of treatments: allowing time to do cleaning and time for any self-hygiene.
‣ We are following all the recommended precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus, including:

- adhering to a comprehensive cleaning checklist to ensure we are regularly disinfecting all areas that are frequently contacted (including exercise equipment, door handles, light switches, restrooms, tables, and other commonly contacted areas),

- washing our hands frequently between patient contacts and using alcohol-based sanitizers,

- we are using face masks and areas have been partitioned off to further minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

‣ We require all persons entering the Clinic to wear an appropriate face mask. Hand sanitizers are provided. 

‣ We expect that all parties involved will do a self-assessment to keep up-to-date with their symptoms. Use this webpage to complete this task or download this questionnaire.

‣ We ask everyone to consider the above regarding each appointment and to make a decision that helps us to keep the Clinic a safe and healthy environment.
‣ If you have any symptoms, or have been in contact with someone that has, please cancel your appointment and follow the recommended self-isolation procedure (there will be no fee for these cancelled appointments).
‣ If there is any change in our health, this Clinic will be closed and we will contact all involved.

‣ This information and more can be downloaded separately here in our Patient Guidelines for In-Person Services.
‣ Please contact us if you wish to review our WorkSafeBC COVID-19 Safety Plan.

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