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Go West Physiotherapy Gary Ecklin
Gary Ecklin
BEd, BSc(PT)


  • Go West Physiotherapy Clinic was established in 1993 with the goal of providing quality physiotherapy through full assessment, with thorough treatment and education.

  • The Clinic is managed by Susan Ecklin, whose friendly and efficient style keeps the business running smoothly.​​​​

  • The physiotherapy is provided by one therapist, Gary Ecklin, who strives to keep up with the latest evidence-based research to be able to provide the best individualized therapy possible. More about Therapist ->


  • Gary works one-on-one with all patients and treats all musculo-skeletal conditions within the physiotherapy scope of practice. More on Conditions ->

  • After a detailed evaluation, an accurate diagnosis can be made, followed by the specific physiotherapy required to resolve the problem(s) as quickly and safely as possible. Treatment will include education and exercises, as well as modalities and manual therapy as required. More on Treatment ->

  • Therapy is provided to help you until you have become as independent as possible and you are ready to return to work, sport or usual activities of daily living.

  • The Clinic is equipped with all the basic equipment and modalities required to provide the above physiotherapy services and it is wheelchair accessible.

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